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We are a Los Angeles based computer parts and repair company. We offer wide range of services from wholesale of computer systems, parts sale as well as full system repair services ranging from LCD screen repair to component level motherboard repair services. We also have a wide range of video tutorials to educate our customers on DIY repairs.


  1. Alex HollandFebruary 16, 2016

    Thank you very much for producing a quick repair guide for the MSI GS70, LCD switch. I have had to do the exact same repair for my sons laptop. Unfortunately the backlight does not seem to be coming on. I assume this must be a faulty screen because these LCD’s no longer have a separate light bars or inverters like the older laptops have. Is there any things I can try or any suggestions on what I can do to see if this is a bad screen vs something else in the laptop not working? Is there some part in the main body of the laptop that could have blown and need replacement? I appreciate any feedback.


    1. Steven KaufmanFebruary 17, 2016

      Hello Alex,
      I would assume that the LCD would be the last cause of the issue with no backlight. It is very rate it will go out on a LED screen. It could be, suspend switch, backlight power circuit fuse or LCD cable and lastly I would check the LCD. Given the LCD screens are actually around $60 it might be easiest to try that second after the suspend switch. We do not have this laptop in our possession at the moment so I can’t be sure where it the suspend switch but it is often triggered by a magnet in the LCD screen assembly and you can easily find it with a metal object and then look at the receiving end of that switch on the motherboard. If it is not that an you need to find the LED backlight fuse you can usually locate it near the LCD connector on the motherboard. If you post close up pictures here I can help you locate the fuse. Also, you will need a digital voltmeter to test it. This is $5 at harbor freight or similar hardware store.
      365 Laptop Repair


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