ASUS UX51 VZ-XB71 Teardown

Hi and welcome to 365 Laptop Repair. This is a tutorial on how to do a ASUS UX51 VZ-XB71 Teardown. It will show you how to prepare your laptop for many repairs including the DC jack, heatsink fan, damaged LCD screen, and video chip repair. There are a few things, which you will need to have to complete this repair. In this tutorial, we will be using tweezers, a prying tool, a Philips head screwdriver, a special screwdriver called a Torx T5, and optionally a power Philips screwdriver.

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Tools Needed: Phillips head screwdriver (optional – power screwdriver) Torx T5 Screwdriver, Tweezers, Prying tool

Laptop Disassembly

The very first step the disassembly of your ASUS UX51 VZ-XB71 laptop is to turn it off. Close it and then flip it. You will see 10 screws at the back of the laptop at all the four corners. The arrows colored in blue at the bottom are where your screws will be located.


Remove these screws using a Torx T5 screwdriver. Once the screws have been removed, lift up the bottom panel and the bottom cover of the laptop will easily come out. Set the cover aside and get started with the disassembly. Make sure you place all the screws and all the parts of the laptop that you dissemble in a safe place so that you don’t lose them.

First of all, disconnect the battery connector using tweezers and remove the 6 battery screws.  Here are the 6 screw locations in blue color.


The battery will come out easily. Put the battery aside.

Disconnect the keyboard ribbon cable using tweezers and then disconnect the trackpad and indicator lights ribbon cable. After this, you will have to disconnect the right side speaker cable. Then go on disconnecting the LCD screen connector. It is at the extreme left bottom corner as shown in the image.


You will have to then disconnect the second keyboard ribbon cable. After this comes the I/O board able which you have to disconnect from both sides.


Then disconnect the white and black WiFi wires. Remove two solid state hard drive screws both located parallel to each other and place them aside.


Then you have to remove the 12 fan and heatsink screws.


These are small black colored disks. Note that if you remove the red screw then the warranty of your laptop will become void. You will have to disconnect the 2 fan power cables so that the fans can come out.

When you will take out the fans you will see bracket screws slightly above the right side.  Use a screwdriver to remove these 4 bracket screws.


Put it aside and start with removing the 3 screen assembly hinge screws. Here they are shown with blue arrows


Then remove the 3 right side screen hinge screws using a screw driver.

Removing The Mother Board

Now it is time to remove the motherboard. Remove the 8 motherboard screws.


Slide the clip outwards and the remove the RAM carefully and place it aside. Then remove the motherboard.


Now gently bend open the laptop to loosen up the screen hinges. You will then easily get to separate the lower part form the screen.

Remove the 3 I/O board screws to out the I/O board. Here they are shown with blue arrows


If you want then you are free to remove the speakers too from both lower ends of the right and the left side.

The disassembly part here is now complete. Next we are going to reassemble it.

Laptop Reassembly

The process of reassembly is almost the same but you have to set everything with last out, first in. Start the reassembly the replacing the speakers back in the slot. Then set the I/O board back in the slot and secure it with screws.

After this, place the lower side of the laptop that’s in your hand on top of the LCD that you have separated previously and fix it again by reconnecting the LCD screen hinges on both sides. Place the 4 bracket screw and secure it with a screw driver. Place the motherboard into the case.  Make sure it fits correctly and then replace the 8 screws that hold the motherboard in place.

Now you can place back the heatsink and the fan. Put them into place and start with replacing the 4 screws in x shape by first securing the screw at the top left, then at the bottom right, then at bottom left and then at the top right. The 5th screw will be placed on the right side of the heat sink. In order to hold the heat sink fan, replace the 2 screws. When the fan is secured, plug it back into the mother board.

Then, replace the cable that runs over the fan so that you can connect the mother board with the I/O board. Slide the cable into the connectors and close the latch.  Reconnect the white and black WiFi wires, second keyboard ribbon cable.

Place back the two solid state hard drive one by one and secure them back with their screws. Put the RAM back and then connect the I/O board cable back into its place. Now that you have secured all the tough parts, you will have to replace the battery. Put it back into its place and fix the 3 screws, 2 at the bottom and 1 in the middle.  After this,you are ready to connect the battery back to the motherboard. Make sure that you connect very cable and every item that you unscrewed. If you miss anything, the laptop will not function properly.

At the end, place back the bottom cover of the laptop. Fix it into place and use the Torx T5 screwdriver to replace the 10 screws.  Now you are the done with the reassembly.

Disassembly is easy because you just have to disconnect things but reassembly is a tricky task as you have make sure you place the item in its exact place and all the cables are connected to make the laptop work.

ASUS UX51 VZ-XB71 Teardown and Reassembly Complete

With the completion of this tutorial, you now know how to take apart and reassemble your ASUS UX51 VZ-XB71 laptop. This tutorial, or parts of it, will help you prepare your laptop for repairs such as DC jack repair, fan replacement, damaged LCD screen replacement and video chip repair.

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  1. simonAugust 11, 2016

    can you tell me what disks are in the ASUS UX51? we have 2 128gb, but they are too small and i want to buy some replacements. thanks


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