Should you leave your computer on all the time?

A question we get a lot here at 365 Laptop Repair is “Should I leave my computer on all of the time?”  We have heard all kinds of reasons to leave it on or turn it off when not in use over the years, but what is really the best thing to do?

Our stance here at 365 is that you should power off your desktop/laptop when you aren’t going to be using it for long periods of time. If you leave your computer on all of the time it could cause problems in the short term and the long term.

If you leave your computer on lets say all night and then start using it in the morning, you could experience slower performance of both your hardware and software. Over time, errors could build up in your running programs or operating system itself, causing less than optimal performance. Starting up your computer fresh in the morning or if you put it to sleep at night, restarting it before working will ensure you are getting the best performance.

Heat is one of the biggest enemies of optimal computer performance and as long as your computer is on, it will be producing heat. This heat will be placing an unnecessary toll on your computer components if you aren’t using it. While modern computers are build to dissipate and withstand the heat of operation, unnecessary use should be avoided to prolong the life of your computer parts.

While leaving your computer unnecessarily should be avoided, that doesn’t mean you should be afraid of leaving it on when you need to to for tasks such as downloading, or if you are going to use it soon.

Some people worry that the constant on/off will damage their computer. This was a problem in the early days of computers, however with modern computers it is not worth the electricity and computer wear to leave it on.

Best practice for prolonging the life of your computer is to turn it off at night if you aren’t doing anything on it, and to restart it daily to ensure your computer is running at its best. We get many people coming in who’s problems can be fixed or prevented with proper computer care, and we wanted to share this info to save you the time and money of bringing your laptop to us.

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