MSI GS70 Screen Replacement

Hi and welcome to 365 Laptop Repair. This is a tutorial on how to do a MSI GS70 2OD screen replacement. There are a few things you are going to need to complete this repair. In this tutorial we will be using tweezers, a prying tool, a philips head screwdriver, and optionally a power philips screwdriver. You will also need a replacement LCD screen for your laptop.

In order to easily work on the screen, we separate the screen from the rest of the laptop. See our teardown video below on how to do so.

You can check out our video tutorial for this repair below.

Screen replacement video

Teardown video

If you don’t have the required tools or don’t want to do the repair yourself, visit our Repair Page for this laptop and send it to us! One of our experienced technicians will fix it for you!

Tools Needed: Phillips head screwdriver (optional – power screwdriver), Tweezers, Prying tool

Old LCD screen removal

First you will have to remove the plastic bezel that surrounds the LCD screen. You can use your fingers to lift it up and then remove it.

Removing the bezel

Bezel 1

Bezel 2

Next remove the 6 screws at the red arrows shown in the picture below.

Removing the screen screen

Screws 1

Once the 6 screws are removed, you will be able to lift the LCD up slightly so you can access the screen bracket screws (blue in the picture below) on both sides of the LCD. Remove the 4 screws from both sides.

Side bracket screws


Then gently flip the screen over and on the back at the bottom you will find a gold connector attached to the screen. Loosen the tape covering the connector and disconnect it.

Gold screen connector

Gold Connector

Installing your new LCD screen

Attach your new LCD screen to the gold connector and flip it back up into place.

Reattach the LCD to the brackets on both sides, and then lay it down flat and replace the 6 screws holding it in place.

Then retrieve the plastic bezel and situate it properly on the screen. Finally, run your hands along the edges of the screen, snapping the bezel back into place as you go. Make sure it is fitted correctly or it won’t snap back into place.


MSI GS70 screen replacement complete

With the completion of this tutorial, you now know how to do a MSI GS70 screen replacement.

If you would like to have your computer repaired for you, visit our Repair Page for this laptop and send it to us! One of our experienced technicians will fix it for you.


  1. Jonathan JohnsonMay 29, 2016

    There are some strong, small magnets stuck to the bottom of the screen’s metal frame. It is possible that one may inadvertently move or dislodge the magnets. These magnets are used to shutdown, hybernate or sleep the computer when the lid is closed and to awaken when lid is reopenned. Moving these magnets will cause this feature to stop working. The correct position for these two small magnets on the metal screen frame is just to the left of the power button. Before reattaching the plastic bezel its best to check the sleep/wake feature to ensure the magnets are still correctly positioned.

    1. Steven KaufmanMay 30, 2016

      You can test the proper location of these magnets by taking one and moving it near the keyboard cover until the screen goes dim. This would be the location of the sensor and you need to align the magnet with it. It is fairly easy to get it correct. Thanks for your feedback!
      The 365 Laptop Repair Team.

  2. edgardoJanuary 1, 2017

    Great great video…. could you make one of the MSI GE62 2QD Apache pro? Thank you very mcuh!!!!


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