5 Great Tablets Under $200 – May 2013

At a whopping $399, the iPad 2 is one expensive piece of shiny metal. Though it comes loaded with the tried and tested iOS, it’s relatively puny 0.3 megapixel front camera and a 0.7 megapixel rear camera leaves much to be desired when it comes to taking pictures on your iPad. If you really put some effort in to looking, a smart shopper can find cheaper tablets of comparable quality on the market for only a fraction of the price (and ALL of them have a better camera).

1. Motorola Xoom Family Edition – $189.95


The Android OS Xoom gives the iPad pretty strong competition. The 16GB model is already cheaper than the iPad while offering the same amount of memory. The Xoom also boasts a 2mp front camera and a 5mp rear camera. The camera alone would convince photo lovers to choose the Xoom. At 10.1”, the screen is only ½ inch longer than the iPad. But don’t let the bigger screen fool you, the Xoom also boasts a 10 hour battery life. It also comes with many applications for young kids to play with. The great camera, great battery life, and kid-friendly applicationstruly make this tablet “family edition”. This cheap Android tablet under $200 is a strong alternative to the iPad.

2. Toshiba Thrive – $199.95


The Thrive is another great alternative to the iPad. The Thrive runs on the Android OS. As if to add insult to injury, the Thrive also features a 2mp front camera and a 5mp rear camera. The screen is also 10.1” long. The similarities to the Xoom Family Edition just shows that iPad’s competition is generally better equipped than the iPad itself. The Thrive is an entertainment center; it allows you to enjoy all your favorite music and videos on the move. The Thrive features integrated Resolution+ video enhancement technology. What does this even mean? It means that the owners of a Thrive can enjoy crisp, sharp, HD-quality visuals at the palm of their hands. Not only does the owner enjoy great quality videos, but Skype is taken to a whole new level with the resolution enhancement. The Thrive is a cheap tablet that is jam packed with features for the low price.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab 1 8.7″ – $194.95


Apple’s most feared competitor, Samsung, also makes great tablets. The Galaxy Tab runs on Android 3.1 Ice Cream and using the OS truly is a treat. The Galaxy Tab’s 8.9” screen is just a bit smaller than the iPad’s display screen. That isn’t the only thing about the Tab that makes it similar to the iPad. With the Android 3.1 OS, you can download millions of Android based applications. Basically, any app that your Apple friend can download, you will also be able to download. With the 2mp front camera and the 3mp rear camera, the Tab’s camera is NOT similar at all to the iPad’s camera. It’s way better. At a mere 1lb (.45kg), the Tab is easy to carry anywhere. Video chatting your friends and family doesn’t require any heavy lifting! The Tab is yet another cheap Android tablet that gives the iPad some heavy competition.

4. Coby Kyros MID8125 – $99.95


With an 8in display screen, the Kyros is one of the smaller Android alternatives to the iPad. The smaller screen size offers maximum portability for the user, but may turn off some of the video junkies looking for a tablet. Have no fear video junkies, the built in HDMI port allows you to easily connect your tablet to your TV. Don’t worry about watching movies on your tablet, just hook it up to your TV and enjoy. The Kyros also offers external memory. This means that you use as MUCH memory as you want. All you need is a microSD card. One of the strongest advantages that this Android tablet has against its Apple competitor is the expandable memory, something that the iPad does not offer.


5. HP Touchpad – $188.00


The WebOS Touchpad is the only non-Android tablet on the list, but nonetheless gives the iPad a run for its money. Powered by a dual-core 1.2GHz Scorpion processor with 1GB RAM, the Touchpad runs multiple applications like it’s nothing. The 9.7” display also gives plenty of screen space to see all your applications at the same time. The mini-computer also provides ample memory for you to store all your important files. With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB 2.0 the Touchpad provides superb connectivity options, and the native Flash 10.1 support provides an excellent browsing experience. The 1.3mp camera, although not as great as some of the other tablet cameras, is still WAY better than the iPad camera. You can snap pictures that your Facebook friends will actually be able to see. This tablet is not only cheaper than the iPad; it also provides all the features that the iPad does. The only downside is the lack of apps for WebOS, which has a tiny fraction of the apps available for Android or iOS.

As you can see there are many great alternatives to the iPad when you look hard enough. These tablet’s would be a great choice for students or anyone else trying to stretch their funds. We offer all of these tablet’s and many more on our online store at http://www.365laptoprepair.com/Products/Tablets

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