ACER S3-951-6828 Screen Replacement Repair

Hi and welcome to 365 Laptop Repair. This is a tutorial on how to do a ACER S3-951-6828 screen replacement repair. There are a few things you are going to need to complete this repair. In this tutorial we will be using tweezers, a prying tool, a philips head screwdriver, and optionally a power philips screwdriver. You will also need a replacement LCD screen that is for your laptop.

You will have to remove the LCD screen assembly from the rest of the laptop in order to do this repair. Check out our teardown video below on how to do so!

Screen replacement video

Teardown video

If you don’t have the required tools or don’t want to do the repair yourself, send it to us and one of our experienced technicians will fix it for you! Visit our laptop repair form or repair estimate page for more information.

Tools Needed: Phillips head screwdriver (optional – power screwdriver), Tweezers, Prying

Removing the old LCD screen

First you have to remove the plastic bezel surrounding the screen. The bezel is held in by clips on the inside. Insert your prying tool into the top of the screen between the bezel and the case as shown in the picture below. Work your way around the edges until the bezel comes loose.

Using your prying tool to remove the bezel

bezel pry 1.png

bezel pry 2.png

Once the bezel is removed, disconnect the cable near the left hinge and the cable near the middle as shown in the pictures below.

Connector locations

left connector.png

middle connector.png

After disconnecting the cables from the screen, remove the foil around the screen and on the inverter circuit board at the bottom of the screen as it can get in the way of removing the screen.

Once the foil is removed, take out the two screws holding down the inverter board and the 6 screws holding in the screen hinges as shown in the pictures below.

Screw locationshinge screws.png

inverter screws.png

With all the screws removed it is time to remove the LCD screen from the case. It is held in place by small clips around the top and sides and by adhesive along the bottom. You need to be very careful and work slowly if you don’t want to damage the screen.

Inset your prying tool into the top of the screen behind the white part of the LCD screen as shown in the first picture below. Carefully work your way prying along the top and then the sides. When you get to the bottom, slide you prying tool perpendicular under the screen and along the bottom as shown in the picture below to separate the LCD screen from the adhesive.

Gently prying the screen free from the caselcd pry 1.png

lcd pry 3.png

lcd pry 2.png

lcd pry 4.png

Once the bottom adhesive has been separated, the screen should come right out. Get your new screen out and prepare to put it back together.

Installing your new LCD screen

Place your new LCD screen into the case and snap it into place making sure it is fitting correctly. Next, replace the hinges and their 6 screws. Then replace the 2 screws that hold down the inverter board. Take the foil you removed and put it back into place around the screen. After that, reconnect the cable on the left next to the hinge and then the connector in the middle making sure the cable runs on top of the foil.

Next, retrieve the plastic bezel and situate it properly on the screen. Finally, run your hands along the edges of the screen, snapping the bezel back into place as you go.

Now you can re-attach the LCD screen assembly to the rest of the the laptop. Check out our teardown linked at the top of the post for how to do so.

ACER S3-951-6828 screen replacement complete

With the completion of this tutorial, you now know how to replace the screen on your ACER S3-951-6828 laptop.

If you would like to have your computer repaired for you, send it to us at 365 Laptop Repair and one of our experienced technicians will do it for you. Visit our laptop repair form or our repair estimate page for more information.

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